IDUsecase NameProblem it solvesLLMDomainGithubDemo LinkPosted ByPosted Date
1Email Generator LLMGenerate customised emails for various personaGPT 4MarketingVisit NowComing SoonGokula10/13/2023
2Loans LLMAutomated, real time loan application processing including residential fraud detectionGPT 4BankingVisit NowComing SoonKisa10/13/2023
3Code Refactoringconvert your code into proper structure by following PEP 8 guidelinesGPT 4Visit NowComing SoonSriya10/6/2023
4Data Explanation LLMConnect to your database and understand it better by asking queries LLaMA2Data analyticsVisit NowComing SoonAkash10/6/2023
5HR LLMAutomated employee onboarding and HR policies knowledge base . Realtime employee communication on company updatesLLaMA2HRVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar9/22/2023
6Airflow LLMGenerates Airflow for the given prompt for ML journeyLlama 2Data ScienceVisit NowComing SoonDharani9/22/2023
7Policy Query LLMUnderstand your Insurance policy better by asking any queries on your policy & getting contextual responseLLaMA2InsuranceVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali8/18/2023
8Policy Report Generation LLMSuggests suitable policy and generates filled policyLLaMA2AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali8/21/2023
9Interior Design LLMGenerates interior designs based on your needs, budget & requirementsLLaMA2Interior DesigningVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali8/21/2023
10Python Code Generator LLMGet instant, personlised insights on your dataLLaMA2AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar8/25/2023
11Text Summary LLMInstant summarization of large text - News shots generation, Twitter post generationAmazon TitanSummarizationVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali8/25/2023
12Data Query Generation LLMGet better insights from your data by generating real time intelligent queriesLlama 2Data analyticsVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar9/1/2023
13Data Summary LLMSummarise your data, get instant insights & actionableLLaMA2Data AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonPrashant 9/1/2023
14Procurement LLMAutomated vendor onboarding and real time shortlisting of best proposal to bring down your procurement costsLLaMA2ProcurementVisit NowComing SoonKisa9/1/2023
15Product Overview LLMReal time product description, right price point and a competitor productsClaudeE-commerceVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar9/15/2023
16Loan Synthesizer LLMSynthesys rejected loand application and gives more precise decsion on a new loan applicationLlama 2BankingVisit NowComing SoonAkash9/15/2023
17HeroGPTGenerates a compelling hero section for your website, based on the description of your offering & business modelGPT 3.5MarketingVisit NowComing SoonSiva Surendira8/16/2023
18ReActGPTImproves the accuracy of your ChatGPT search results by reducing hallucinations & errorsGPT 3.5Model TrainingVisit NowComing SoonSiva Surendira8/16/2023
19CSV-GPTAnalyses the CSV files to get insights into your dataGPT 4AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonSiva Surendira8/16/2023
20FinetuneGPTFinetunes GPT-3 on a datasetGPT 3 (Davinci)Model TrainingVisit NowComing SoonSiva Surendira8/17/2023
21IntroGPTGenerates a compelling cold email foryour business & servicesGPT 3.5MarketingVisit NowComing SoonSiva Surendira8/17/2023
22LLaMA Finetune LLMFinetune LLaMA2 for a particular dataset fast & reliablyLLaMA2LLMsVisit NowComing SoonKisa9/29/2023
23Reasearch LLMGenerate instant references and sources to write your research articles Summarize relevant articles to complete your research.Amazon TitanResearchVisit NowComing SoonSanjay9/29/2023
24Personalized Health Assistant LLMSends medication reminders, tracks health metrics, and offers insights on managing chronic conditionsFalcon 7BHealth CareVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali9/29/2023
25Personalized Ads LLmGenerate real time personalized ads based on user personas.LLaMA2MarketingVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar10/6/2023
26Patent & IP LLM Up to date review IP and infringement terms to complete patent filingLLaMA2LegalVisit NowComing SoonSatish10/6/2023
27Compliance LLMAutomated compliance with regulatory terms for your corporate docketsAmazon TitanRegulatory ComplianceVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali10/13/2023
25Restaurant llmGet real time restaurant recommendations based on your preferences and restaurant availability. Automated restaurant bookingFalcon 7BFood and DiningVisit NowComing SoonGokula10/13/2023
26Diagnosis LLMSupport healthcare professionals in diagnosing diseases and medical conditions by analyzing patient data, symptoms, and medical histories.LLaMA3Health CareVisit NowComing SoonSriya10/20/2023
27KYC LLMAutomated KYC validation by analyzing customer data and eAmazon TitanFin-TechVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar10/20/2023
28Appointment Cost LLM Predict the cost of the patient missing the appointment for the whole healthcare ecosystem.Falcon 7BHealth CareVisit NowComing SoonKisa10/20/2023
29Clinical Trial LLmIdentify the potential patients for clinical trials. Increase trial success with the most matched patient attributes.LLaMA3Health CareVisit NowComing SoonGokula10/27/2023
30Fraud Detection LLMReal-time fraud detection by analyzing patterns, behaviors, and transaction history to enhance security and minimize fraud lossesFalcon 7BFin-TechVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali10/20/2023
31Churn Prediction LLMPredict customer churn and deploy retention strategies to reduce attritionLLaMA3Fin-TechVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar10/27/2023
32Transcription LLMTranscribe spoken content in videos and podcasts to enhance searchability and accessibility for users and creatorsAmazon TitanMediaVisit NowComing SoonPrashant 10/27/2023
33Copy Right LLMManage digital rights and copyright enforcement through content usage tracking, unauthorized distribution identification, and takedown notice issuanceGPT 5MediaVisit NowComing SoonDharani10/27/2023
34Journal Research LLMAutomate media archive enhancement through natural language search and retrieval, simplifying access to historical content for journalists and researchers.Falcon 7BMediaVisit NowComing SoonAkash11/3/2023
35World Health LLMGet realtime insights into the world health updates, vaccines delivered, needs & funding requirements -Integrated with WHO data, LLaMA2Health CareVisit NowComing SoonGokula11/3/2023
36Banking Verification LLMGet your verification done realtime for new account opening, credit card application or any other requirementsLLaMA2BankingVisit NowComing SoonAkash11/3/2023
37Data Pre-processing LLMCleans and preprocesses the data. Tokenizes the text into sentences or paragraphs, and save it in a suitable format like a text file or a CSVAmazon TitanData AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonPrashant 11/10/2023
38FInancial Report Generation LLMGenerates the financial report with your P&L and Balance SheetLLaMA2FinanceVisit NowComing SoonDharani11/10/2023
39Travel Itenerary Planner LLMGet weather details, top hotels, restaurants and tourist spots to visit. Also suggest train, flight car cost on your planned tripLLaMA2+PlotlyTourismVisit NowComing SoonAkash11/10/2023
40Data Analyser LLMGet summarizarion of any datasetFalcon 7BData AnalyticsVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar11/17/2023
41Review Sumary LMMProvides a short summary and insights of the product feedback and reviews.Falcon 7BE-CommerceVisit NowComing SoonAkash11/17/2023
42Loan Eligibility Calculator LMMHelps users compare different models, highlights features, and provides information about pricing and financing options.Falcon 7BBankingVisit NowComing SoonDharani11/17/2023
43Health Appointment Scheduler and Medical InformationHelps patients book appointments, provides information about medical conditions, and offers reminders for medication and follow-up visitsLLaMA2Health CareVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali11/24/2023
44Technical Support Chatbot LMMTroubleshoots software issues, provides step-by-step solutions, and assists users in resolving technical problems they encounterStableDiffusionSoftwareVisit NowComing SoonKisa11/24/2023
45Nutrition Guide LLMProvides the nutrition details and other benefits on any food itemsLLaMA2Health CareVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar11/24/2023
46Restaurant Reservation LLMReserve a table and query on the menue availability and other related queries, check ratings and see reviews.LLaMA2HotelsVisit NowComing SoonDharani11/30/2023
47Vehicle Recommender LLMHelps users compare different models, highlights features, and provides information about pricing and financing options.Falcon 7BAutomobileVisit NowComing SoonGokula11/30/2023
48Employee Onboarding LLMGuides new hires through the onboarding process, explains company policies, and answers common employment-related questions.Falcon 7BHRVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar12/8/2023
49Online Auction LLMHelps users participate in online auctions, provides bidding strategies, and alerts users of auction updates.LLaMA2AuctionVisit NowComing SoonKisa12/15/2023
50Personalized Health Assistant LLMSends medication reminders, tracks health metrics, and offers insights on managing chronic conditionsFalcon 7BHealth CareVisit NowComing SoonZeeshan Ali12/15/2023
51Social Media Content Generation LLMSuggests engaging content ideas for social media posts, captions, and hashtags based on trending topics.LLaMA2Social MediaVisit NowComing SoonKisa12/22/2023
52Calendar Assistant LLMHelps users schedule appointments, meetings, and reminders.StableDiffusionPersonalVisit NowComing SoonSomeshwar12/22/2023