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Usecase Identification Workshop​


  • Business Process Understanding​
  • Usecase qualification​
  • Usecase identification for Generative AI POC/Pilot​
  • Success Metrics​

Duration: 8hrs

Audience: Business Process Owners

Identify the right Usecase for GenAI Pilot Get upto $10k in AWS Funding

Technical Enablement Workshop


  • Deep understanding of Foundation Models
  • Technical architecture for LLM implementation
  • GenAI consumption in Enterprises
  • Various Foundations Models

Duration: 16hrs

Audience: Technical Team

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LLM Starter


  • Private Finetuned LLM​
  • Source Code​
  • Inference Endpoint​
  • Lightweight UI​
  • API Endpoint​

Duration: 8 weeks

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  • Cost Visualization & Optimization
  • Token Management & Accuracy Build
  • Observability

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High-speed, realtime intelligence from Digital documents, Images or Web Links’ data, leveraging the power of LLMs

Deploy LLM powered Agents, with the ability to provide intelligence on institutional knowledge from across your enterprise knowledge base!

LLM powered NLP agents to automate tasks, including post sales support, employee assistance, sales agent assistant etc.​

Increase your CSAT with fast query resolution, leveraging LLM powered support automation!

Instant, personalized content, Image & text powered, generation based on the user persona & metrics.

​Increase conversion of your marketing campaigns by sharing hyper-personalized content with your users, instantly generated & delivered!


Unable to build ML-Powered decision making due to lack of training data? Generate highly accurate data, leveraging the power of LLMs, to increase the accuracy of your ML powered generation capabilities.​

Now automate Loans processing or Insurance Underwriting processing, with highly accurate data generated by LLMs!


Realtime, high accurate sentiment extraction & analysis for text & voice based systems!​

Get higher ROI on your customer support systems by understanding user sentiments & building custom workflows!


Struggling to understand complex enterprise data systems?

Integrate with your Enterprise Data Warehouse or DataLake & start interacting with your data in natural language, understand the data domain and generate actionable insights realtime.