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Now go live with GenAI apps in months weeks​

  • Customer Support chatbot
  • NLP-powered Data Analytics
  • Content Generation & Summarization

Dedicated Innovation POD for Technology experimentation

  • Usecases built across:
    ChatGPT | LLaMA | Claude | Stable Diffusion | Mistral​
  • Strong Partner Network to Power Innovation​:
    AWS | Azure | Weaviate | Pinecone | MongoDB​

50+ LLM-powered use cases​

Work with born in GenAI Team​

  • 60+ Certified LLM Engineers
  • 10+ HuggingFace contributions​

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Generative AI Consulting

Engage with our GenAI consulting team through a series of workshops to identify the right use case & long-term strategy for GenAI adoption​.

  • 8 – hour Usecase identification workshop​
  • 2 – day strategy & technical enablement workshop​

Generative AI Application Development

Leverage GoML Boilerplates to build & deploy GenAI powered applications 80% faster.​

  • LLM Starter – Build GenAI Pilot in 8 weeks​
  • LLM Starter Mini – GenAI POC in 4 weeks​


Manage your GenAI workloads in production with SLA–based monitoring, ensuring continuous accuracy of your models.

  • Bring in observability, cost-management and data engineering
  • ​Deploy LLMOps POD starting at $5 K/month

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