70% Faster Audits, 50% Fewer Errors: Revolutionized Compliance with AI - SagaxTeam

70% Faster Audits, 50% Fewer Errors: Revolutionized Compliance with AI

Business Problem

  • SagaxTeam, a BioTech & Pharma Managed Solutions provider, specializing in IT systems Audit & Compliance, faced a daunting task. They had to rapidly scale their Pharma & Biotech IT Audit process, at the same time maintaining standards & meeting global compliances. The traditional, manual approach was marred by manual inefficiencies, was error-prone, and challenging to scale. The need for a streamlined, accurate, and scalable solution was critical for maintaining regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, to be delivered at 10X speed.

About SagaxTeam

SagaxTeam helps BioTech & Pharma firms automate IT audits and compliance, achieving 10x speed and zero-error accuracy through Generative AI.


With the complexities inherent in IT auditing for Life Sciences, SagaxTeam required a solution that could automate and standardize compliance management processes while ensuring accuracy and adaptability to regulatory changes. GoML’s GenAI consulting team collaborated with SagaxTeam to harness the potential of Generative AI, leading to the creation of an advanced audit and compliance agent, which not only ensured a streamlined process, with zero – errors, but also brought down the Audit process timelines by more than 80%.

SagaxTeam Architecture
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  • AWS Cloud Deployment: Utilizes AWS EC2 for hosting the Sagax Server and Claude v3, which processes IT audit data using advanced AI.
  • Data Processing: Sagax Server acts as the primary hub for data intake and preliminary processing, integrated with AI through Lyzr Automata for enhanced data analysis.
  • Security and Automation: Incorporates GuardRails and AWS Lambda for security enforcement and process automation, ensuring data integrity and operational efficiency.
  • Workflow Management: Employs AWS Step Functions to streamline the review and validation process, automating document flow between action stages and reviewers.
  • API and Documentation: Uses AWS API Gateway to manage interactions between users and the system, facilitating secure document delivery.
  • Monitoring and User Management: Implements AWS CloudTrail, CloudFormation, and IAM for comprehensive monitoring, logging, and user access control, supported by CloudWatch and alarms for system health monitoring. 
  • Database and Notifications: Leverages RDS, DynamoDB, and SNS for robust database management and timely notifications, ensuring seamless operation and communication. 


AI automates prep and review, saving significant time.


Reduced mistakes in documentation for improved accuracy.


Streamlined process leads to significant cost reductions.

Technology Stack​