Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics

Business Problem: 

Taascom enables companies to embark on their Business Model Transformation journey and get to market faster while reducing their technology risk and investment. Focusing on technology platform, implementation, and operational management, Taascom leverages cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and efficiency. 

Taascom is a SaaS-based data analytics provider for various industries. With an increasing demand for sophisticated analytics tools, Taascom recognized the need to enhance user experience and functionality for its clientele. Despite offering services through platforms like PowerBI and QuickSight, Taascom identified a gap in providing actionable, proactive recommendations and real-time insights to its customers. 

Currently, Taascom’s analytics solutions lack proactive features and real-time insights, which are crucial for business decision-making in dynamic environments. Customers require recommendations based on the latest data trends and insights derived from natural language processing (NLP) techniques. However, the existing infrastructure falls short in delivering such capabilities, necessitating an innovative solution. 


To address the identified challenges, Taascom partnered with GoML to implement Generative AI-powered in-app analytics. Leveraging GoML’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies like GPT-4 and Lyzr SDKs, Taascom aims to revolutionize its analytics offerings. The proposed solution involves building an NLP engine atop the existing AWS data stack to deliver proactive recommendations and real-time insights seamlessly integrated into Taascom’ s analytics platform. 

Implementation Approach: 

Canvas Page Development: The implementation will commence with the development of a Canvas Page within Taascom’s platform. This page will serve as the interface for users to access proactive recommendations and query history seamlessly. 

Proactive Recommendations: The heart of the solution lies in providing actionable insights to users based on the latest data trends. Leveraging Generative AI models like GPT-4, the system will analyze real-time data streams and generate proactive recommendations tailored to each user’s needs and preferences. 

Real-time NLP-powered Data Analytics: The integration of NLP capabilities into Taascom’s analytics platform will enable users to derive insights from unstructured data in real-time. By leveraging Lyzr SDKs and advanced NLP algorithms, the system will extract meaningful insights from textual data, empowering users with comprehensive analytics capabilities. 

API Development: To ensure seamless integration with Taascom’s existing infrastructure, GoML will develop APIs using Lyzr SDKs. These APIs will facilitate communication between the NLP engine and Taascom’s analytics platform, enabling smooth data exchange and interaction. 

Amazon Redshift Integration: The implementation will leverage Amazon Redshift for robust data storage and processing capabilities. By integrating with Amazon Redshift, Taascom’s analytics platform will benefit from scalable and efficient data management, enhancing overall performance and reliability. 


Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics
Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics


Enhanced User Experience: The implementation of Generative AI-powered analytics will significantly enhance user experience by providing actionable recommendations and real-time insights tailored to each user’s requirements. 

Improved Decision-Making: With access to proactive recommendations and real-time insights, Taascom’s customers will make informed decisions promptly, thereby driving business growth and efficiency. 

Competitive Advantage: By offering advanced analytics capabilities powered by Generative AI, Taascom will gain a competitive edge in the market, positioning itself as a leader in the analytics industry. 

In conclusion, the collaboration between Taascom and GoML to implement Generative AI-powered in-app analytics represents a significant milestone in enhancing data analytics capabilities for family-owned store managers and QSR owners. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, Taascom is poised to deliver unparalleled value to its customers, driving business success and growth in the dynamic landscape of data analytics.