Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?

You’ve probably heard the hype surrounding ElevenLabs’ AI speech synthesis tool. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Is it truly a “flagship killer” in the world of text-to-speech technology?

For far too long, robotic, soulless voices dominated the text-to-speech (TTS) market. Enter ElevenLabs, a platform that promises to disrupt the industry with AI-powered, disturbingly human-like voices. But is it genuinely the “flagship killer” of the business, or simply another marketing cliche? Let’s cut through the hype and reveal the truth, leading an orchestra of facts to create a truly instructive and interesting performance.

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?
  1. ElevenLabs

Let’s dive into the details and see if ElevenLabs lives up to the hype.

Beyond Buzzwords: The ElevenLabs Masterpiece

Consider a library with a diversified choir of expressive voices, each language (29 in all) featuring its distinctive vocalists. Each voice, precisely generated by AI, retains the essence of the human voice, including intonation, pronunciation, and regional accents. This is the heart of ElevenLabs. There are no soulless robots here! ElevenLabs, which is trained on large audio datasets, produces speech that is so close to the genuine thing that you may wonder if it is a recording.

  1. Text-to-Speech

Introducing the Features: A Conductor’s Toolkit.

  • Naturalness Redefined:  Forget the days of robot voices. ElevenLabs voices are so realistic that you might wonder if it’s a recording. This heightened humanlike quality distinguishes them.
  • A Global Chorus: Diversity is crucial. To find the appropriate voice for your project, browse the extensive library of male, female, age group, and regional accents.
  • Tune Your Performance:  You influence the nuances, just like a conductor does while leading an orchestra. To obtain the best possible delivery of your message, adjust characteristics such as speed, pitch, and emotion.
  • Break Language Barriers:  Engage a worldwide audience! ElevenLabs offers 29 languages, so you may communicate with listeners all around the world. From Spanish to Chinese, your material has the potential to reach a global audience.
  • Simplicity is Key:  No technical knowledge is necessary. The user-friendly interface allows anyone to create high-quality voiceovers, empowering producers of all skill levels.
  • Diving into ElevenLabs: Usage and API Reference

Head out to their website and sign up using your mail or on your preference but there is a catch, wait for it.

Now sign in with the credentials. You’ll see the below page once you log in.

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?
  1. Home Page

As you can see, you can either give text or a voice as input and can generate plenty of other voices in the voice library. You can also clone your voice for later use, but you need a subscription for that. Don’t worry. There is a possibility of creating a voice out of the default voices by changing the gender, accent, and accent strength.

Not only we can generate human-like recordings, but we are also able to dub an audio or video in the dubbing tab. It does a pretty decent dubbing in the same voice you upload. Try it out.

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?
  1. Dubbing Page

The remaining ones are usable when you subscribe for at least a creator plan in the subscription tab.

In the below section, as a default a contact tab, documentation consisting of API Reference, and a tools tab.

Here, our main implementation of ElevenLabs in our application lies in the documentation.

Still haven’t said anything about the catch, remember and wait till I reveal.

Go to the Documentation -> API Reference

Here you’ll find many GET and POST requests. You’ll find everything you need from the API to the code to implement the API in different scripts.

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?
  1. API Reference

Also, you can play with streaming text to convert the text to streaming audio by passing the text as chunks which reduces latency.

There are many other ways to reduce latency, which can be found in the website itself.

Is ElevenLabs a real “Flagship Killer” for Speech Synthesis?

6. Reducing Latency

Before jumping into the implementation, here is the catch, to use the API without any errors, you must verify your mobile number, even if you sign up using any platform. This is made to prevent the overuse of free tier accounts and any further misuse.

To do that, head to your profile which can be found on the home page, and complete the Two-factor Authentication. You’ll also see the API Key. Use it in your integration.

Note: You’ll have only 10,000 characters available for free for the whole i.e., TTS, STS, Dubbing, and usage in the application as well.

The “Flagship Killer” Under the Microscope: Differentiating Fact from Fiction

While ElevenLabs has some remarkable features, crowning it the uncontested champion takes a closer study. Let us do an honest analysis.


  • Undeniably Natural: They fulfill their fundamental promise with voices that sound remarkably human, potentially outperforming some established players.
  • Granular Control: The level of personalization is unparalleled, allowing for subtle and expressive voices that effectively communicate your message.
  • Accessibility: The free tier makes it an appealing option for individual producers and experimenters looking to explore its full possibilities.


  • Price Tag Blues: Paid plans can be quite expensive when compared to competitors, particularly for heavy volume consumption. Consider this before you create your budget symphony.
  • Feature Focus: While ElevenLabs is robust, it lacks some advanced capabilities, such as complicated editing tools and connectors found in established platforms.
  • Ethical Crossroads: The potential misuse of lifelike AI voices presents ethical considerations that must be carefully considered and used responsibly. Remember, great power brings great responsibility.

The Final Act: Curtains Are Raised on the Verdict

ElevenLabs is unmistakably a game-changer in the TTS space. Its emphasis on naturalness and customization expands the scope of what is achievable. However, calling it the definitive “flagship killer” may be premature. The decision is ultimately based on your specific requirements and budget.

Who Should Take Center Stage at ElevenLabs?

  • Individual creators and small businesses: Need high-quality, natural-sounding voices for your material on a tight budget? ElevenLabs may be your leading act.
  • Expressive storytellers: Need precise control over voice subtleties and expressiveness to deliver your narrative convincingly? Look no further.

Who might require a different script?

  • High-Volume Professionals: Need powerful functionality and intricate editing tools for extensive TTS work? Established platforms may offer a better fit.
  • Cost-Concious Creators: If finance is a major problem, look at other options that offer more cost-effective solutions for high-volume usage.
  • Ethical considerations: If you are concerned about the possible misuse of lifelike AI voices, thoroughly analyze your application and ensure that it follows responsible use guidelines.

Remember that the TTS landscape is continuously shifting. Experiment with multiple platforms, assess your needs and select the one that best fits your project. It is unclear whether ElevenLabs will become the reigning champion, but its impact on the future of speech synthesis is apparent.

So, start the music, let the voices play, and find your ideal TTS solution!

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