Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics - Taascom

Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics

Business Problem

  • Taascom enables companies to embark on their Business Model Transformation journey and get to market faster while reducing their technology risk and investment. Focusing on technology platform, implementation, and operational management, Taascom leverages cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and efficiency.
  • Taascom is a SaaS-based data analytics provider for various industries. With an increasing demand for sophisticated analytics tools, Taascom recognized the need to enhance user experience and functionality for its clientele. Despite offering services through platforms like PowerBI and QuickSight, Taascom identified a gap in providing actionable, proactive recommendations and real-time insights to its customers.
  • Currently, Taascom’s analytics solutions lack proactive features and real-time insights, which are crucial for business decision-making in dynamic environments. Customers require recommendations based on the latest data trends and insights derived from natural language processing (NLP) techniques. However, the existing infrastructure falls short in delivering such capabilities, necessitating an innovative solution.

About Taascom

TAASCOM helps companies transform their business model to a subscription-based service model. They achieve this by providing the technology, experience and expertise to enable this transformation.


To address the identified challenges, Taascom partnered with GoML to implement Generative AI-powered in-app analytics. Leveraging GoML’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies like GPT-4 and Lyzr SDKs, Taascom aims to revolutionize its analytics offerings. The proposed solution involves building an NLP engine atop the existing AWS data stack to deliver proactive recommendations and real-time insights seamlessly integrated into Taascom’ s analytics platform.

Revolutionizing Retail Business with Generative AI-Powered In-App Analytics - Taascom
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Frontend Interaction: Users access the application through a frontend interface managed by Amazon Route 53 for reliable DNS routing. 

Load Balancing: An Elastic Load Balancer distributes incoming traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances to ensure high availability and reliability. 

Backend Services: The backend, hosted on EC2 instances with Auto Scaling, processes user requests and manages microservices using Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service). 

Data Processing and Storage: Data is stored and managed using Amazon S3 for object storage, Amazon RDS for relational databases, and Amazon DynamoDB for NoSQL storage, with AWS Data Pipeline orchestrating data workflows. 

Serverless Functions: AWS Lambda executes specific tasks in a serverless environment, enhancing scalability and efficiency without manual server management. 

Security and Monitoring: AWS CloudWatch provides monitoring and observability, while AWS IAM ensures secure user access and permissions across services. 

Search and AI/ML Integration: Amazon Elasticsearch Service enables real-time search and analytics, and Amazon SageMaker facilitates the development and deployment of machine learning models.



Enhanced User Experience

The implementation of Generative AI-powered analytics will significantly enhance user experience by providing actionable recommendations and real-time insights tailored to each user’s requirements.


Improved Decision-Making

With access to proactive recommendations and real-time insights, Taascom’s customers will make informed decisions promptly, thereby driving business growth and efficiency.


Competitive Advantage

By offering advanced analytics capabilities powered by Generative AI, Taascom will gain a competitive edge in the market, positioning itself as a leader in the analytics industry.

Technology Stack​