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Business problem :

In today’s data-driven age, businesses often confront diverse datasets and the daunting task of extracting actionable insights from them. These insights need to answer questions from multiple contexts, be comprehensive and tailored for varying audiences, and reduce the cognitive load of creating easy-to-understand and follow recommendations.

NeoAnalyst emerges as the groundbreaking solution to these challenges. Designed to analyze any dataset, it eliminates the complexities of context preparation and manual data mapping. Instead of businesses grappling with formulating the right questions for their data, NeoAnalyst recommends instant analysis queries, simplifying the decision-making process. Furthermore, it’s not just about data processing; 75% of the platform’s insights are derived from sophisticated statistical analysis models, providing smart, actionable recommendations. From forecasting sales to decoding customer behavior, NeoAnalyst’s predictive analytics tools equip businesses to stay ahead in their game.

The platform also transforms these insights into visually compelling charts, making comprehension a breeze. This advanced capability is further enhanced by personalized suggestions that can inspire new ideas or integrate into existing workflows. Built on a solid technical foundation powered by leading-edge LLMs like GPT4 and LAMA, and embraced by Revenue Leaders, Business Operators, and Data Analysts alike, NeoAnalyst is truly revolutionizing the data analysis paradigm.

Solution Architecture of NeoAnalyst:

Advanced Query Generation: Utilizing sophisticated LLMs, including GPT4 and LLaMA, NeoAnalyst innovates query generation for datasets. Complemented by intricate pre-processing and fuzzy calculations, it ensures precise and relevant results.

GenAI powered Enterprise SaaS Analytics

Infrastructure: NeoAnalyst’s robustness owes to its reliance on AWS’s expansive ecosystem:

  • Serverless & Scalability: Built atop AWS’s serverless cloud formation, it promises scalability and efficiency.
    • DNS & Content Delivery: AWS Route 53 ensures reliable DNS service, while AWS CloudFront provides rapid content delivery, API protection, and SSL encryption.
    • Secure API Management: AWS API Gateway, equipped with authorizers, fortifies NeoAnalyst’s Lambda functions against unauthorized access. Optimized Function Execution: For prolonged tasks, NeoAnalyst uses Docker-based Lambda functions, ensuring performance isn’t compromised.
    • Data Storage: User datasets in CSV format reside securely in an S3 bucket, managed adeptly by the boto client. For transactional data, such as user preferences (likes, favourites), DynamoDB offers a responsive and reliable database solution.
    • Deployment: The deployment lifecycle is streamlined with AWS CodeBuild, ensuring both frontend and backend integrations are seamless. The front-end, for user accessibility, is hosted on S3.


Enhanced Efficiency – With instant analysis queries and smart recommendations, companies found themselves making more informed decisions, leading to improved strategies and better outcomes.

Increased User Engagement – The platform’s ability to visualize data and provide tailored insights meant that even those without a data analysis background could engage and benefit from the platform.